Posted by Desruc on Friday, February 15, 2019

Desruc is a new Metal/Hard rock band from California. This band is determined to bring their fans the best heavy metal music and the craziest shows. Come join Desruc as they break out and take over the stages world wide!

      This is for the cursed, Desruc has the cure. Welcoming a fast moving pace into production, Desruc show determination on bringing their fans the most craziest shows they have ever seen. Introducing a new and classical one-of-a-million feel of music, brought from the stage out to the world at every performance with a little help of their instruments played together as a band. Members of Desruc are able to express themselves through their music while others through demonic dancing. Together as a team, the band members want to give their audience an awesome performance on stage entailing not just an ecstatic musical performance but also to give a completely surprising show for the people, making it completely worth the attenders time. They strive for an experience that audience members watching the show would never expect from a regular band performance. Members and creators of the band Desruc wants you not only to have a great time but to give people a way to experience and create fantastic memories that could be kept and shared throughout the event, social media and for possibly the rest of people’s lives. This band truly has a short meaning , deep yet lengthy story behind the creation of the bands team along with their odd name. Further information known about the band and their music they’ve produced can be located on their Social media sites, you can also contact their manager Marisol Casiano. The members and leader of Desruc want to aim for it to be given as a surprise to the audience every show.

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